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SAP Global Online セミナー情報 (2023年4月)

SAPにて世界のSAPユーザー会を支援するSAP Global User Groups organizationより、グローバルに提供している様々なオンラインセミナーを、日本のお客様向けにご紹介いたします。主に英語ベースのセッションではございますが、ご参加を検討いただければ幸いです。


● April 4, 2023

Hands-On Session on SAP BPI: Connect SAP Signavio Process Insights to an ERP-Backend System

Time: 10:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

The Webinar ‘Technical Setup & Features of SAP Signavio Process Insights’ provides a hands-on overview to setup the solution and supplying it with process data, covering both

- the subscription process to the application on SAP’s Business Technology Platform as well as

- the establishment of the connection to the application inside SAP ERP, respectively SAP S/4HANA

Look forward to a fast-paced session covering not only theory but also an actual live connection from the managed system to SAP Signavio Process Insights.

● April 4, 2023

Webcast on SAP CX: Engage Your Prospects and Improve Lead Conversation with Digital Sales Engagement in SAP Sales Cloud Version2

Time: 11:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

Learn how sales teams can accelerate digital engagements with prospects and execute a guided lead nurturing process to enable higher lead conversion with SAP Sales Cloud Version 2.

● April 5, 2023

The Universe of SAP Business Technology Platform in a Nutshell - Webcast Series

Time: 0:00 am JST

Duration per session 60 min

The SAP Business Technology Platform is in the center of SAP’s strategy to support intelligent sustainable enterprises. Learn more about SAP BTP in this inspiring series.

o April 5, 2023 - SAP Build Portfolio

Create Apps, Automate Processes, and Design Business Sites with Drag-and-Drop Simplicity Today more than ever, it is important as a business to be able to react quickly to ever-changing requirements and to bring about continuous improvement in user experiences and business processes. SAP Build simplifies your development process, empowering your business experts to deliver the solutions they know are necessary.


Evgenii Gorbunov, Technical Product Manager at SAP

Florian Buech, Product Manager at SAP

Burak Demir, Product Manager at SAP

o April 19, 2023 - Application Operations

Get an overview of SAP BTP services and approaches that can help to reduce your efforts for operating your applications reliably on SAP BTP – standalone or as part of overarching Application Lifecycle Management processes. The following topics will be presented in a short overview (with the option to deep-dive in the following days and weeks in separate sessions):

  • DevOps with SAP BTP – how you can use SAP BTP to lower the entry barrier for your development teams to benefit from more agile approaches in SAP enterprise environments, while being able to stick to existing operations processes

  • Integration of SAP Cloud Transport Management into Application Lifecycle Management solutions

  • Using alerting and technical ops automation for synthetic monitoring

  • Monitoring, alerting and remediations on failed events in SAP Event Mesh


Boris Zarske, Product Manager, Harald Stevens, Product Manager, and Biser Simeonov , Technical Product Manager

o April 26, 2023 - Application Development with proCode /ABAP

SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is the foundation for the Intelligent Enterprise and provides a basis for high-performance applications in the cloud and on-premise for supporting companies in digital transformation and for extending the software used on a local platform in a convenient and agile way. In addition to running side-by-side on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), the developer extensibility model is now offered for extensions directly within SAP S/4HANA as well, both in the Cloud and on-prem. The aim is to give a short summary of what has happened so far in the Business Technology platform in the ABAP area and provide an outlook on what we continue to do at high speed in the S/4HANA stack.

Speaker: Dr. Safa Golrokh Bahoosh, Senior Product Specialist

Upcoming webcasts in this series:

May 3, 2023 - Application Development with proCode/Cloud Native

May 24, 2023 - Update from SAPPHIRE

May 31, 2023 - Platform Security

June 7, 2023 - Customer Presentation

June 14, 2023 - SAP Integration Solution Advisory Methodology

June 21, 2023 - High Availability / Disaster Recovery

June 28, 2023 - Application Extension Methodology

You can find more information on the webcast series The Universe of SAP Business Technology Platformhere.

● April 6 and 21, 2023

Webcast series Modernizing ERP - Go from Running Your Business to Innovating Your Business

Time: 0:00 am JST

Duration 60 min

Join us for a 4-Part Webcast Series. Intel, IDC, SAP, and other industry experts explore the urgency and benefits of upgrading ERP in the cloud – and you’ll see how it sharpens your competitive edge.

This webcast series features subtitles in Spanish, French, Italian, and German. After the broadcast, on-demand versions will also include subtitles in Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese.

o April 06, 2023 - Building flexibility, agility and speed into your business

Join this session to learn why upgrading to SAP S/4HANA Cloud matters more now than ever. What it comes down to is business speed, flexibility, and adaptability, and how long can you wait for that?

Gain visibility into risks and insights that can help design the future of your company.

o April 21, 2023 - Aligning people, process and technology to grow your business

Join this session to get insights why your business processes are essential as well as defining the way you run your organization and how you drive differentiation in your industry. With 50 years of business process expertise, SAP can help you start your journey to cloud ERP. Join our expert panel discussing insights, tools and customer experiences.

Our discussion will include:

Why run your business when you can innovate your business? In this session, you’ll gain visibility into risks and insights that can help design the future of your company.

Upcoming webcasts in this series:

June 09, 2023 - How to drive competitive differentiation in your industry by standardizing

September 15, 2023 - One size does not fit all: how to build ERP capabilities that support YOUR

              business needs

● April 6, 2023

Webcast on SAP CX: SAP Sales and Services Cloud – Innovation Spotlight

Time: 11:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

Join us for an interactive webinar, where we’ll share our latest and greatest SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud product innovations, including our vision on how sales and service teams can improve customer engagements and customer lifetime value. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how the new capabilities can help sales and service organizations overcome their most significant challenges.

● April 18, 2023

Webcast Series: Sustainable product design enabled by SAP PLM

Time: 8:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

Up to 80% of a product’s lifetime emissions are determined by decisions made at the design stage. Having access to the right data at the right time enable you make the right decisions. Join us in this session to learn how SAP solutions for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can help companies develop sustainable products, streamline processes across the extended enterprise, establish a single source of truth with no manual data replication, and create a closed-loop digital thread from design to the rest of the business.

Speaker: Lars Fossum, Director, Global Center of Excellence SAP Digital Supply Chain, SAP

Upcoming webcasts in this series:

June 07, 2023 - Turn services into a vital, vibrant part of your business

September 05, 2023 - SAP Warehouse Robotics

October 13, 2023 - SAP Quality Issue Resolution

● April 18, 2023

SAP CIAM and Consent - What's New and Roadmap 2023-Q2

Time: 11:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

Join us to hear about what's new and what's on the roadmap for SAP Customer Data Cloud, CIAM and Consent.

● April 20, 2023

SAP Security Webcast Monthly Series: The SAP Enterprise Support Security Value Map’s Interpretation and use of SAP's Secure Operations Map

Time: 11:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

Every month SAP experts choose and highlight the relevant security aspects for SAP customers.

You can check the SAP Security Optimization Services Portfolio here.

● April 21 and 28, 2023

Deep-Dive Session Series to the “The Universe of SAP BTP in a Nutshell”

The Open Space of Application Operations within SAP BTP

Time: 0:00 am JST

Duration 60 min

This campanion webcast series to the "The Universe of SAP Business Technology Platform in a Nutshell" will provide a deepdive in the SAP BTP services and approaches that can help to reduce your efforts for operating

your applications reliably on SAP BTP – standalone or as part of overarching

Application Lifecycle Management process.

You can find additional information and offerings on this and complementary webcast series here.

o April 21, 2023  - DevOps with SAP BTP

DevOps enables your development teams to achieve high-level agility and quality - also for SAP projects. In this session, get an overview and latest news about how you can easily foster agile cloud development on SAP BTP with DevOps principles - for SAP-specific use cases. All this with the right mix of agility and control for SAP enterprise environments, along the complete lifecycle of your hybrid and cloud-native apps running on the platform.

Speaker: Boris Zarske, Product Manager, SAP

o April 28, 2023  - Integrate SAP Cloud Transport Management into Application Lifecycle Management Solutions

SAP Cloud Transport Management can be integrated with SAP’s Application Lifecycle Management solutions, namely SAP Solution Manager Change Request Management (ChaRM) and SAP Cloud ALM. This allows to handle cloud application changes together with changes in the on premise SAP landscape. The session provides insights into the specifics of these integrations and shows them in an extensive demo.

Speaker: Harald Stevens, Product Manager, SAP

Upcoming webcasts in this series:

May 12, 2023 - Cloud App + SAP HANA Cloud: How to use SAP Alert notification and SAP Automation Pilot

         for a Synthetic Monitoring

May 26, 2023 - Monitoring, alerting and remediations on failed messages / events in SAP Mesh your

       Cloud App

June 2, 2023 - SAP HANA Cloud: recurrent monitoring and an automated status report generation

● April 24, 2023

Webcast on SAP Services and Support: System Assistant in SAP Maintenance Planner

Time: 5:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

Experience how the new System Assistant in the SAP Maintenance Planner (Recommended Notes) helps you to feed your system landscape with current corrections. Pending SAP Notes of different categories, such as Security Notes, are determined for your system landscape, moving filters, and sorting options are available. Status management allows workflow-supported management. In the session, find out how you can currently forward your requirements for the new System Assistant to SAP.


Wilhelm Juette, Chief Product Owner for Support, SAP Romy Sachse, Senior Solution Support Architect, SAP

● April 25, 2023

Monthly Call: SAP Intergration Suite

Time: 11:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

SAP Integration Suite is SAP’s strategic integration platform. It helps simplify integration by connecting people, processes, data, and devices worldwide while supporting a wide variety of integration approaches. You can take advantage of our out-of-the-box integration features for SAP integrations or use the Integration Suite to accelerate end-to-end integration scenarios across heterogeneous and hybrid landscapes.

In this webcast, we will have two sections:

Product Updates, where we share updates on key capabilities and latest enhancements released for SAP Integration Suite.

Interact with Integration Black Belt: An opportunity to hear and interact with integration expert.


#AskAnythingIntegration: Our panel of experts will answer any questions you have on integration.

● April 25 - 27, 2023

Virtual SAP Build Hackathon

All Day Event (4:00 pm – 11:00 pm JST)

BUILD an APP for a business user and you support him once, show him HOW to build an APP and you will support him during his entire profession. No Code/Low Code is the new hype. Do you want to explore how to turn this idea into value for your daily life? Then join our SAP Build Hackathon. In this 3-day event, you can experience hands-on what you can build with our No Code/Low Code tools.

No worries, you will not be on your own our experts will support you with their powers.

● April 26, 2023

Webcast on SAP Services and Support: Introduction to the Measurment Tools

Time: 5:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

This content is planned:

• Providing basic knowledge for SAP system measurement

• Introduction to the SAP measurement tools

• Dos and don’ts

Speaker: Ulrich Lang, Product Expert for System Measurement Tools (USMM, LAW), SAP

● April 27, 2023

Webcast on SAP BPI: New Connection Options for SAP Signavio Process Intelligence to SAP and Non-SAP-Systems

Time: 10:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

The most critical aspect of process mining implementations is always getting access to the relevant process data, understanding it, and transforming it into an event log. This session will cover the updated approach that SAP Signavio Process Intelligence supports for Process Data Management, the different options for data integration across a complex data landscape, and the roadmap vision to evolve the product even further.

Speaker: Silvio Arcangeli, Sr. Director Product Management, SAP Signavio Process Intelligence



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