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SAP Global Online セミナー情報 (2023年11月)

SAPにて世界のSAPユーザー会を支援するSAP Global User Groups organizationより、グローバルに提供している様々なオンラインセミナーを、日本のお客様向けにご紹介いたします。主に英語ベースのセッションではございますが、ご参加を検討いただければ幸いです。


● Webcast Series on Industry & LoB

o Nov 7, 2023: DMC - Digital Manufacturing Cloud

Time: 9:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

SAP Digital Manufacturing solution is a manufacturing execution system (MES) that supports sustainable, risk-resilient manufacturing operations through a resource-efficient Industry 4.0 approach.

● Nov 8 or 9, 2023 (depending on your time zone) SAP Enterprise Support Day 2023

November 8, 2023 / 1:00 p.m. EST, Time Zone 1: NA & LAC / 1:00 p.m. EST | 7:00 p.m. CET | 2:00 a.m. SGT)

Languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English

November 9, 2023 / 1:00 p.m. SGT, Time Zone 2: APJ & GC / 1:00 pm. SGT | 6:00 a.m. CET | 12:00 a.m. EST

Languages: Chinese, Japanese, English

November 9, 2023 / 1:00 p.m. CET, Time Zone 3: EMEA & MEE / / 1:00 p.m. CET | 7:00 a.m. EST | 8:00 p.m. SGT

Languages: English, German

Are you ready to take your business transformation to new heights? We're thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to the SAP Enterprise Support Day, a virtual event that promises to be a game-changer in your journey toward business excellence.

● Webcast Series on SAP BTP: Exploring the Universe of SAP BTP Use Cases

o Nov 8, 2023: Pif Paf’s Low-Code Transformatino Journey with SAP Build Apps

Time: 11:00 pm JST

Discover how Pif Paf, one of Brazil's largest food companies, leverages SAP Build Apps to bridge the gap between the ERP system and field employees. During this session, Pif Paf will showcase a successful project implemented with SAP Build Apps, resulting in a remarkable 30% reduction in maintenance order handling time and 10% paper reduction.

Speaker: Mirela Viersa - Customer Innovation Principal at SAP AppHaus

o Nov 15, 2023: Digital Procurement Transformation with SAP BTP

Time: 11:00 pm JST

Join us for an expert-led session to hear how SAP BTP, our business-centric platform, can drive procurement transformations in the context of SAP Ariba Spend Management solutions.

In this session, you will learn more about SAP BTP’s value proposition and key use cases, and gain a better understanding of how SAP BTP and SAP Ariba Spend Management solutions come together to meet customer needs. Find out how this platform combines analytics, integration, and process automation to increase visibility, create new solutions, and enable companies to best position their source-to-pay processes for the future.


Terry Penner - SAP Marketing and Solutions for SAP Business Technology Platform

Frank Omare - SAP Global BTP for LOB Program Lead

o Nov 30, 2023: A Journey to SAP BTP Innovation for Outbound Logistics - Sysco GB (Brakes Food Services)

Time: 11:00 pm JST

In this session Sysco GB will explain their story of how SAP BTP enabled a paperless process in operations and back-office processes for their UK logistics process. This session will explore the process of innovation which led to a journey into the BTP Universe. From Mobile UI5 applications to Process Automation transforming Sysco GB (Brakes Food Service) to a digital experience and enhancing user experience.


Ricky Sercombe – Sysco GB – Technical Lead

Richard Henry – SAP BTP Sales Director at Bluestonex

Vikash Kumar – SAP BTP Architect at Bluestonex

● Nov 9, 2023 SAP Community Call for SAP Cloud ALM Experts

Time: 0:00 am JST

Duration 60 min

Learn about SAP Cloud ALM concepts, strategy, the latest features, customer stories and more.

● Webcast Series on BTP: How to Leverage your Business with Digital Transformation Use Cases with Crave InfoTech

o Nov 9, 2023: Leveraging Predictive Analytics in SAP Analytics Cloud

Time: 1:00 am JST

Duration 60 min

Key Topics

1. Introduction to Predictive Analytics and Its Significance in SAP Analytics Cloud

2. Understanding SAP Analytics Cloud's Predictive Capabilities and Tools

3. Building Predictive Models to Uncover Hidden Patterns and Trends

4. Integrating Predictive Insights with Business Intelligence in SAC

5. Real-world Use Cases: Successful Applications of Predictive Analytics in SAP Analytics Cloud

o Nov 16, 2023: Mobile Solutions for SAP EWM: Enhancing Warehouse Operations with RF-EWM

Time: 1:00 am JST

Duration 60 min

Key Topics

1. Introduction to Mobile Solutions in SAP EWM and RF-EWM Capabilities

2. Understanding the Impact of Mobility in Enhancing Warehouse Operations

3. Leveraging RF-EWM for Real-time Data Access and Improved Productivity

4. Enhancing Inventory Accuracy and Visibility through Mobile Solutions

5. Real-world Use Cases: Successful Applications of RF-EWM in Warehouse Management

● Nov 9, 2023 SAP Supporting Solution Areas: Enable Now Onboarding Webinar

Time: 3:00 am JST

Duration 60 min

The Deployment Walkthrough session is designed for customers just getting started with SAP Enable Now, Cloud Edition. This session is designed for core project team members and will take around 60 minutes. In the session we will demonstrate how to: - Login to SAP Enable Now Manager - Configure important server settings - Creation of a first work area - Creation of a manual user - Assignment of roles - Start the producer component - Show a simple recording

●  Nov 9, 2023 Insights on the new Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive

Time: 6:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act is applicable since the beginning of this year and will be expanded from 1 January 2024. Even more companies will be affected by the upcoming Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD or CS3D) both in Germany and in the European Union.

Do you want to learn more about how this will impact your current purchasing processes? Dr. Christoph Schroeder, lawyer at CMS Germany with a focus on supply chain compliance, will provide an overview from a legal perspective and our solutions expert Timm Hemmert will discuss what this means for your business and how digitization can help.

● Webcast Series on SAP S/4HANA Cloud: Your Guide to GROW

o Nov 15, 2023: Your Guide to GROW with SAP: Everything as a Service

Time: 0:00 pm JST

Duration: 30 min

In this webcast, you’ll see how the pre-integrated public cloud ERP from SAP can uniquely support the requirements for Everything as a Service (XaaS) by:

  • Creating a single product catalog and order capture process for integrated sales, service, and subscription fulfillment

  • Generating a single invoice and accounts receivable stream for all components

  • Supporting replenishment requirements and fulfillment of consumables by using a single consumption data stream that also drives monetization

● Nov 16, 2023 SAP Community Call for ALM – Monthly Update

Time: 0:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

Learn the latest news about SAP Cloud ALM, SAP Solution Manager, SAP Focused Run and more...

● Webcast Series on BTP

o Nov 15, 2023: Advancing Together - Exploring the Potential of Collaborative xP&A Planning

Time: 3:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

Elevate Planning and Analysis to New Heights: Spanning Across Your Business Universe

Extended planning and analysis (xP&A) leaps beyond the confines of conventional financial planning and analysis (FP&A). Envision an adaptive solution capable of integrating plans across departments, rendering isolated spreadsheets obsolete, and eradicating data silos. With SAP® Analytics Cloud, you can discover, analyze, strategize, forecast, and collaborate anywhere, in a unified interface designed to simplify and expedite enterprise-wide predictive planning and budgeting.

o Nov 23, 2023: Empower your data, empower your business - all with SAP DataSphere

Time: 3:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

Join us for an illuminating webinar that steers right into the expansive capabilities of SAP DataSphere. This session will navigate you through how SAP DataSphere harnesses the latent potential of your business data, converting critical data into actionable insights. We will showcase how data empowerment can translate directly to business empowerment, establishing a clear trajectory for performance optimization and sound decision making. Through this comprehensive session, you will learn how SAP DataSphere stands as a pivotal tool in crafting a data-driven business strategy. Immerse yourself in this captivating exploration of business intelligence and propel your business to unprecedented heights with SAP DataSphere.

● Nov 16, 2023 Enabling your Business Strategy with HXM Technology

Time: 2:00 pm JST

Duration 45 min

True HR Transformation is best accomplished with a well-defined strategy of business goals and desired outcomes enabled by HXM Technology. This webinar focuses on the Three Foundational Elements of the Business Transformation Framework to help you establish the future direction of your organization focusing on your HR business goals.

● Nov 17, 2023
Webcast on CX: Building Intelligent Service Operations with Enterprise Remote Access and Support in SAP Service Cloud

Time: 0:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

Learn how SAP customers are empowering their service agents to troubleshoot and resolve issues more quickly with enterprise remote access and support, integrated directly with SAP Service Cloud. With TeamViewer Tensor, an SAP endorsed app, you can digitalize and build more intelligent service operations. TeamViewer Tensor enables your remote service experts and field service teams to work remotely by connecting to any device or smart product, anywhere, improving customer satisfaction and productivity for critical digital processes.

● Nov 20, 2023 SAP Digital Manufacturing – The Industry 4.0 Revolution

Time: 11:00 pm JST

Duration 45 min

A resilient business is one with digitalized operations and supply chains with capabilities to run with speed and flexibility. Join this webinar to learn about how SAP Digital manufacturing can help you automate processes and resources to improve manufacturing efficiency, quality and productivity.

● Nov 22, 2023
Expert Session on SAP for ME: "Customer Insights" reporting dashboard in SAP for Me

Time: 0:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

With the Customer Insights dashboard, SAP for Me has been enhanced with a new reporting feature that allows you to understand the status of your SAP solution, including your solution portfolio, systems, case history, licence compliance, cloud usage and more.

● Nov 29, 2023
SAP Enterprise Support Value Maps: SAP S/$HANA Supply Chain Management

Time: 6:00 pm JST

Duration 60 min

Power your success with guidance and self-service content.

SAP Enterprise Support provides the guidance, content, and empowerment you need to succeed. Develop the know-how required to overcome complexity and maximize the value of your investment with SAP Enterprise Support Academy and SAP Enterprise Support value maps. Value maps provide self-paced learnings, expert-led live sessions, collaborative forums, and access to SAP experts; included with any cloud subscription from SAP.

Join this session to ask questions live and discover how our foundational support offering can help you achieve your project goals.



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