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SAP Global Online セミナー情報 (2022年6月)

SAPにて世界のSAPユーザー会を支援するSAP Global User Groups organizationより、グローバルに提供している様々なオンラインセミナーを、日本のお客様向けにご紹介いたします。主に英語ベースのセッションではございますが、ご参加を検討いただければ幸いです。


● June 7, 2022

SAP BTP CVN: Achieve Hyper Automation in Your Business

Duration 60 min 12:00 – 1:00 PM JST

(注意事項: 第二回目以降のセッションに参加するには、初回であるこの回への参加が必須となります)


June 7, 2022 - Achieve Hyper automation in Your Business June 28, 2022 - How to integrate SAP Process Automation with Procurement July 12, 2022 - Learn how to integrate SAP Process Automation with Finance July 26, 2022 - How to integrate SAP Process Automation with HXM August 9, 2022 - How to integrate SAP Process Automation with CX


Begin your hyper automation journey with SAP Process automation and learn in this session about:

  • Challenges in current process

  • Solution Overview / Architecture

  • Benefits and business value of SPA

  • SAP Process Automation the road ahead

Watch a demo about

  • Invoice Processing and Approval

  • Intelligent Data Extraction using SAP Process Automation

Take advantage from the Q & A session

● June 9, 2022

SAP BTP CVN: Modernize SAP BW with SAP BW Bridge for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Duration 90 min 12:00 AM – 1:30 AM JST


What and why

  • High-level BW bridge overview

  • Why you should consider BW Bridge?


  • BW Bridge demo from recent projects

  • Lessons learned, best practices from ongoing customer projects

  • Who in your organization should learn about BW Bridge?

  • Where to find more information?

Expert Q&A

  • BW experts will be available to help answer your technical questions during the webinar

● June 14, 2022

SAP BTP CVN: How to Create the Intelligent Procurement Process

Duration 90 min 3:00 – 4:30 PM JST

By attending this session, you will learn:

  • How to accelerate automation by empowering your business experts.

  • How SAP Process Automation helps citizen developers build automations with RPA, Workflow and AI technologies.

  • Common Use Case for SAP Process Automation

  • End-to-end demo of SAP Process Automation showcasing the citizen developer experience and features

  • Open discussion with expert panel on process automation in Enterprises.

● June 15, 2022

SAP Security Webcast Monthly Series: Bug Bounty programs

Duration 60 min 5:30 – 6:30 PM JST

The this month topic is Bug Bounty for SAP Applications. Bug Bounty programs are initiatives that reward security researchers for discovering and reporting vulnerabilities. In this session you will see how SAP runs Bug Bounty programs, and how it enables SAP applications to be more resilient against security threats.

● June 15, 2022

SAP BTP: Build an App with SAP Business Technology Platform

Duration 30 min 11:00 – 11:30 PM JST

After watching a live demo, you will see how quickly a user can create a live application with SAP BTP.

· Key Takeaway #1: What is SAP Business Technology Platform

· Key Takeaway #2: How a user can get started quickly in the SAP BTP Cockpit

· Key Takeaway #3: How a user can work with SAP's LCNC services to build an application

● June 21, 2022

RISE with SAP: Introduction Storyboard RISE with SAP for SAP User Groups

Duration 60 min 4:00 – 5:00 PM JST

Companies must be more responsive to the changing demands of all stakeholders and resilient to ecosystem disruptions. This depends on making better use of data and technologies to drive innovation. In this session we examine how you can find all relevant assets of RISE with SAP to help companies innovate and leverage the cloud.

● June 22, 2022

RISE with SAP: Introduction to the Software Logistic and Landscape Management webcast series

Duration 45 min 12:00 AM– 12:45 AM JST

To manage a modern SAP Landscape can be challenging in times of onPremise, Hybrid or Cloud . This webinar series is set up to explain how you can use Software Logistic and Landscape Management tools to analyze, plan, run or maintain your IT-Systems. This session is the first part of the series and will give you a short overview about what comes next in the detailed sessions.

● June 22, 2022

SAP BTP: Streamline your Transformation with Custom Code Migration & Analysis Tools on SAP BTP with RISE

Duration 90 min 5:00 – 6:30 PM JST


Custom Code Migration app – Introduction, Value, Benefits

Use Cases

  • Custom Code Migration to SAP S/4HANA

  • Custom Code Migration to SAP BTP

  • Custom code analysis (e.g. security checks by CVA)

How to get started: Mission in SAP Discovery Center

Setup of CCM with CIAS

  • How to get access to CIAS

  • How to find to the setup procedure for CCM

  • How to start with the setup of CCM

  • Live Demo

Expert Q&A

● June 22, 2022

SAP Business Network: What every SAP User should know about it

Out of the silo: How to achieve a n:n collaboration with suppliers, shippers and logistics providers through one single digital connection

Duration 120 min 10:00 PM –12:00 AM JST

Hear from the customer Van Genechten on how the SAP Business Network is used to improve their business operations.

• End to end transactional automation • Supply Chain Resiliency • Optimized Logistics and Warehouse Management

● June 23, 2022

Integration: International Focus Group (IFG) Integration Day

Duration 240 min 5:00 – 9:00 PM JST

High-quality integration across functions and processes is the basis for any company to react with agility and speed to changing market conditions. Since SAP introduced distinct suite qualities that characterize SAP’s intelligent suite of seamlessly integrated applications, you'll get an update how things evolved in the meantime.

● June 28, 2022

SAP BTP CVN: How to integrate SAP Process Automation with Procurement

Duration 60 min 12:00 – 1:00 PM JST

(注意事項: こちらのセッションに参加するには、シリーズ初回である6/7開催「SAP BTP CVN: Achieve Hyper Automation in Your Business」への参加が必須となります)


Overview of SPA + architecture

Why SPA with Procurement

SPA and Ariba Use-cases / Demo

Customer Success story - Natura


  • SPA Community

  • How to get started


● June 28, 2022

SAP BTP: SAP Mobile Start, the Native Mobile Entry Point to the Intelligent Enterprise

Duration 60 min 10:00 – 11:00 PM JST

SAP Mobile Start App is the native mobile entry point to the Intelligent Enterprise at SAP. SAP Mobile Start is a standard SAP solution, integrated with SAP S/4HANA and further SAP Solutions via their mobile apps, leveraging the SAP Business Technology Platform. For SAP Users, SAP Mobile Start is easy to consume as it is available through the SAP Launchpad service, enabling a quick onboarding.

SAP Mobile Start has been successfully launched in 2021 – during this new webinar, the Product Management Team will present the solution and share with you the latest updates that have been introduced.

● June 29, 2022

SAP Support: 新しいカスタマーポータル・SAP for Meのご紹介

Duration 60 min 10:00 – 11:00 AM JST

Sap for Me: は、2022 年第 3 四半期早々にサポート関連のトピックや質問に関して、唯一のエントリーポイントになる予定です。

SAP BTP: Build an App for Free with SAP Business Technology PlatformPlatformlatformatformtformformormrmm後も継for Free 続して機能が付加されます。


● June 29, 2022

SAP Support: SAP Incident Management – Step-by-step guidance through applications, tools and communication channels

Duration 60 min 11:00 PM – 12:00 AM JST

In recent years, SAP introduced new communication channels and various types of assistance to support you in the incident process. This session will answer questions as:

  • When do I use which offering?

  • Which communication channel is recommended in which situation?

  • Is there intelligent tool support for preliminary clarification of a problem?

  • What can I do if open incidents/reports are progressing slowly?

The overview will be rounded off by an update on the latest innovations and an outlook on further developments that should make your interaction with SAP Support easier.

● June 30, 2022

RISE with SAP: Discover value of RISE with SAP

Duration 60 min 11:00 PM –12:00 AM JST

RISE with SAP is SAP’s solution to the challenge of how to move mission-critical systems to the cloud in a pragmatic way. Leveraging the efficiencies and scale of hyperscalers is one way RISE with SAP makes a significant contribution to reducing TCO but this is not the only value driver of a RISE with SAP project. In this session we will look at the other ways in which RISE with SAP brings value to SAP customers and some examples of how RISE with SAP customers are seeing benefits



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