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SAP Global Online セミナー情報 (2022年5月)

SAPにて世界のSAPユーザー会を支援するSAP Global User Groups organizationより、グローバルに提供している様々なオンラインセミナーを、日本のお客様向けにご紹介いたします。主に英語ベースのセッションではございますが、ご参加を検討いただければ幸いです。


May 11, 2022

Duration 60 min 11:00 PM – 0:00 AM JST

In this Webinar, you will walk through the tools and best practices that SAP Marketing Cloud offers you to take back the reins on revenue. From setting up marketing plans and budgets to measuring campaign success and output.

May 17, 2022

SAP Customer Experience - Best Practices on Structuring your Product Catalog in Order to Optimize User Experience

Duration 60 min 11:00 PM – 0:00 AM JST

Before you can get serious about optimizing your buying journey, or get deep into personalization, you need well-structured product data. This is a topic that gets skipped or considered less than exciting, but it's an unavoidable prerequisite for everything more exciting or future-facing--so let's get serious about it! In this session, we will go over some practical best practices for optimized catalog structure and data governance

May 18, 2022

License Audit Process: Procedure, Information and Documentation

Duration 60 min 5:00 – 6:00 PM JST

The objectives of this webinar are: - Understand the license audit process and its scope - Find the necessary information and documentation that will be helpful when conducting the system measurement Who should join? Persons who are responsible for planning and/or carrying out system measurements in their company.

May 19, 2022

Security: SAP Security Webcast Monthly Series

Duration 60 min 5:30 – 6:30 PM JST

The SAP Security Webcast Series highlight once per month the most relevant security aspects for SAP customers.

This month you can join the talk about how to minimize the attack surface of Hybrid SAP S/4HANA landscapes with Focused RUN. This session helps SAP decision makers and IT operations managers to understand:

• Why old-fashioned configuration monitoring remains the mandatory foundation of any security effort.

• How the concepts and most relevant features of SAP Focused Run support a cost-sensitive journey to secured Hybrid landscapes.

• How management dashboards (with visualizations of aggregated data), automation of IT processes and comprehensive read-only access to technical details go hand in hand.

May 19, 2022

Line of Business – Intelligent Spend & Business Network: 360° View on SAP Solutions for Digital Business Processes in Procurement

Duration 120 min 10:00 PM – 0:00 AM JST

Due to further shortages and increasing prices, procurement and supply chain professionals remain in the spotlight to ensure supply, business continuity and cost control. Some organizations are prepared to face the challenges, and some not. Where is your company standing?

In this 2-hour online session, SAP offers an interactive platform to gain an understanding on intelligent spend & business network solutions, capture latest information on architecture and extensions, and what is next to come.

● May 25, 2022

Integration: Getting Started with SAP Integration Suite - Open Connectors

Duration 60 min 3:00 – 4:00 AM JST

Accelerate connectivity with third-party cloud applications using the open connectors capability of SAP Integration Suite. Providing pre-built connectors to simplify the connectivity and seamless integration with over 160 non-SAP applications. Benefit from connectivity to third-party APIs via harmonized RESTful APIs and can develop and map canonical data models to extend prebuilt connections. This will help you drastically reduce time to connect to top non-SAP SaaS applications



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